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Keep safe and secure from malicious activity

While no website is ever completely secure it is imperative to ensure vulnerabilities are kept to a minimum. When your website is first built, it is likely to be as secure as it can be. However, as time passes, your websites core files and associated plugins are updated with not only new features but also to patch up vulnerabilities.

Websites that are not maintained become vulnerable to hackers and therefore run a much higher risk of being compromised. Often, you won’t even know you’ve been hacked until you receive a complaint about the X rated content your website is serving to your visitors.

How do we stay on top of that? We perform regular updates to your websites’ core files and plugins, ensure your website is backed up and provide assistance if you ever run into any unforeseen circumstances. In short, we provide you with peace of mind so you know your business can continue to operate smoothly.


Support Solutions 


Fast hosting, efficient support and quality assistance when you need it the most. Get the most out of your digital assets.

How do we support you?

Our basic support and maintenance packages will keep your website up and running while reducing your risk of being hacked. The basic package starts at $150 p/m and includes (for WordPress websites):

  • Monthly WordPress core updates

  • Monthly WordPress plugin updates

  • Monthly backups of your website files and database

  • Technical assistance with your host (or ours if you host with us)


We can extend our packages to suit your needs by including 2+ hours of additional work-related tasks or more regular updates and backups. If you need help updating content, switching images or adding blog posts, then we can include additional hours of work each month at a discounted rate.

We offer fast cloud website hosting and for our best possible support, we recommend hosting your website with us for the best results. This is due to the relationship we have with our host and our efficiency of working with them.

Get in touch today to talk about your hosting, maintenance and support solutions.

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