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When you are experiencing growth in your business, one of the hardest things to do is hire someone to take over the work that you have been doing so meticulously. Can you trust they’ll do a good job? What if they mess it up? What will my clients think? By gradually handing over these tasks you’ll free up more of your time to work on bringing in customers or clients.

Look for tasks in your business that usually follow quite a simple process such as reporting, research or data entry. Once you have built trust and an understanding of your business with your personnel you can begin to increase the complexity of your tasks. This could be setting up and creating EDMs, scheduling social media posts and image editing, sourcing and creation.

Your outsourced staff have many different skills and qualifications. It is all about finding the right personnel for your business. We are experienced in sourcing remote staff and can assist you in your journey to finding the right fit.

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When should I be looking to outsource my work?

Outsourcing is not for everyone, nor for every task. However, we can help you identify whether you can benefit from offloading some of your work to skilled personnel.

An easy way to identify this is by noting down the tasks you do from day-to-day. If you like to track your time, ensure you do this when noting down your tasks so you can see how much time you’ll free up later. If you’re the kind of person who is running out of hours each day or is working more than you need to, then it is likely that you need some help.

If your business growth has dipped or plateaued because you can’t focus on growing your business, then this is definitely for you.

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